Tips For Maintaining Your Hyundai

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When you’ve invested in a Hyundai, you are choosing a vehicle that is capable, reliable, and will last for the long run. While this manufacturer produces vehicles that are built to endure the road’s unexpected turns, every vehicle needs basic, routine maintenance along the way to ensure it keeps its quality performance. That’s why our Hyundai dealer near Toledo is happy to offer tips for maintaining your beloved Hyundai, so it can stay with you through all of your important life events.

Check Your Tires

When you’ve accumulated the miles on your Hyundai, it’s important to check that the tires are still in top shape. This means you should check the tire pressure is at the correct level as stated in your owner’s manual. You should also have your wheel alignment checked and your tires rotated so that your so that your tires don’t unevenly wear. Our team near Toledo is happy to offer complimentary tire rotations as one of our Hyundai service and parts specials.

Check Your Fluids

Another important routine maintenance step is to ensure all of your vehicle’s fluid levels are adequate and clean. You should have your oil changed about every 5,000-7,000 miles or according to your owner’s manual. You should also check that your coolant is topped off, as well as your battery fluid and wiper fluid.

Check Your Battery

Heat and vibration are the main sources of car battery malfunction, so mount the battery in a secure position. The quick evaporation of battery fluid also poses a potential danger. If your battery is more than three years old, we recommend having it checked by a technician.

Check Your Brakes

Another often underlooked part of your vehicle is your brakes. If the brake check light is illuminated on your instrument cluster, or if your car’s brakes make noises, this may be a sign you need to replace your brake pads.

Keep Your Car Clean

Another great way to maintain your Hyundai is to treat it well by keeping it clean. Be sure to simply get rid of excess garbage, dirt, and other unnecessary materials in your space. This also means power-washing and vacuuming carpets and interior seating. On the exterior, be sure to wash away the grime and grit by wiping in zig-zag motions with special soap for your car to avoid scratching and damage.

For more information on how to maintain your Hyundai, contact us at Taylor Hyundai of Perrysburg!

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