Hyundai Asks College Football Fans to Show Their 'Fanthropology'

Any Hyundai enthusiasts in the Perrysburg area happen to be die-hard fans of our local college football team? Well, then you likely have heard of SB Nation. For those who haven't, the large sports network hosts over 300 websites/blogs, each one dedicated to facilitating constant commentary and communication between sports fans for a specific team.

What's the connection between these athletic digital hubs and our favorite maker of new Hyundai vehicles? SB Nation and Hyundai have teamed up to take the most dedicated, enthusiasts college football fan to the game of his dreams. Considering Hyundai knows a thing or two about being an avid loyalist, Taylor Hyundai isn't all too surprised by the stellar initiative.

A writer for the Tennessee Volunteers' SB Nation site, explains, "Hyundai wants to reward you -- an SB Nation reader -- for reading and for sticking with your favorite team through the good times and the bad."1

How does the Hyundai Fanthropology competition work? Fans merely need to comment on their team's website, explaining how they became a diehard enthusiast. Then an editorial team from SB Nation will review comments and select the winner they deem most deserving of tickets to the college bowl game of their choice. Hyundai will not only foot the bill for two tickets but provide two airline flights and hotel accommodations as well.

To learn more about this and other inventive Hyundai initiatives, be sure to keep an eye on our constantly evolving Hyundai blog.

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