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Careers at Taylor Hyundai

Taylor Hyundai of Perrysburg is looking for dynamic individuals to join our team. If you have the drive to compete with the best and talent to help move us progress to the next level, we want to see if you are a good fit to join our ranks.

Automotive Detailer

Automotive detailers are hired to ensure that each detail on a car is shining like a star! Car detailers are responsible for the overall care and maintenance of cars. But a car detailer is not a car cleaner - car detailing involves a thorough cleaning of both the interior and the exterior of a car. It is his job to make sure that new cars do not have a scratch on them and that when they are sold, they look like as if they have just been taken off of the assembly line!

We are looking for an individual who will take pride performing the following:
  • Assess cars to determine need for cleaning and maintenance
  • Run vehicles through automatic car washes or wash down cars by hand, especially in hard to reach places
  • Clean wheels, rims and mudguards using a correct and safe mixture of soap and water
  • Look for small dents and scratches and undertake measures to minimize them
  • Ascertain that all windows are rolled up properly prior to car washing
  • Change rubbers on wipers on a regular basis
  • Remove grease and stains using specialized grease removers and brushes
  • Shampoo and vacuum carpets, seats and other upholstery inside the vehicle
  • Remove grease and stains using specialized grease removers and brushes
  • Wax, buff and polish car interior and exteriors and remove any swirls found in the process
  • Clean engines and engine components using steam cleaning equipment
  • Apply revitalizers and preservation agents to leather surfaces to preserve and protect them
  • Verify that appropriate stickers such as number plates are attached to the vehicle and are not damaged or chipped
  • Maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and ensure procurement of supplies when inventory runs low
  • Assist in local automobile deliveries and test runs

Porters - Sales and Service

ØTo see that any and all dealership-driven requests are met professionally and efficiently.  It's about making a STRONG & POSITIVE IMPRESSION in every possible facet of the dealership each & every time.

Impressionable Areas

Vehicle Impressions - This is all about the cleanliness of the vehicle.  A clean vehicle allows the customer to focus on the vehicle itself and all it potentially offers the customer.  Clean vehicles tell the customer that our staff cares about the customers' investment.

1.        The Service Customer's Vehicle - the car that is in for service

2.        Customer Vehicle Consideration - the car the customer is thinking of buying

3.        Customer Vehicle Purchase - the car the customer is purchasing/leasing

4.        Lot Vehicles - the cars on the lot

5.        Overall Lot Impression - the way the cars are aligned and organized on the lot

Dealership Impressions - This is all about the cleanliness of the facility.  A clean facility tells the customers that are caring staff are supporting the operation.

1.        Showroom Floor - sales & front portion of the building.  This extends to the cashier's desk, the parts counter, the FACE Gallery, and even the hall leading to the service waiting area.

2.        Waiting Room - area designated primarily for those waiting for service work to be done on their vehicles

3.        Bathrooms - all restrooms on the first floor

4.        Service Tech Bays - this is the entire service repair garage

5.        Break Rooms - Any area used for employees to eat or take a break clear of the customer's view